Boone Supported Living...


Boone Supported Living is dedicated to serving the needs of people with developmental disabilities. Because we recognize that many of the people that come to us have multiple needs, our staff members include a Registered Nurse consultant, Developmental Trainers, and Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professionals. 

More importantly, we at Boone Supported Living work hard to select staff members of good character who will help us carry out our company's mission.

If you have a child or loved one with a developmental disability, behavior problems, or emotional difficulties who needs services in a professional, caring environment, please call to set up a visit.


"Athens of the Midwest"


Boone Supported Living is happy to call the community of Columbia, MO, home. All of the individuals we serve live in Columbia. As a college town, the city of Columbia has many activities to offer, along with a rich fine arts community and an active downtown district.