Welcome to the birth of the BSL blog! My name is Dennis, and I will be your guide along this journey. My goal will be to share information, give you a glimpse into what we do, and perhaps even entertain you a bit on my better days.

My official role with BSL is Chief Innovation Officer. It's a fancy title that, when translated, means "he who does what no one else wants to do." In layman's terms, I oversee technology, marketing, human resources, facilities, and general business operations. I'm also the office geek who gets handed electronic things that are being uncooperative. The fix is usually simple, but let's keep that between you and I so my reputation as the miracle worker remains intact.

I am a Mac disciple in a company of Windows users. People walk in my door and stand in awe of my huge iMac spread across three screens of real estate. It is a behemoth of a machine with enough horsepower to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

I never hesitate to tell anyone that I have the best job here, but our CEO, Julie, will run screaming from the room just thinking about fidgeting with all of the electronic gadgetry in my office. Just as well; I am touchy about people touching my buttons. But I digress.

There's more to what I do than making sure all of our technological pieces play nicely with each other. Our direct care staff provides the real picture, and I am merely the frame. I do what I do so they can do what matters. All of the flickering lights in my office mean nothing if they don't help our amazing DSPs give our individuals the quality of life they desire. I was reminded of that last week when I was presented with a custom embroidered towel by one of our guys and his family. The words emblazoned on it, while true, meant so much more coming from this fellow. It gives me the impetus to keep doing my utmost to make BSL the premier provider in Columbia - and Missouri.

Our new mission statement reflects our vision: "Providing ordinary lives for people with extraordinary circumstances." We all want the same thing, that being to lead a normal, happy life. At the end of each day, each of us at BSL should ask ourselves, "What did I do today to give my individual an ordinary life?"

Until next time...